Recommended Reading

We’re always on the hunt for great reads. Here’s a taste of some of our recommendations:


Susan Karlin, Founder + President
As our founder and president, Sue exemplifies outstanding leadership. She is constantly reading and learning about leadership and team development.



Esteban Pérez-Hemminger, Design Director
Esteban leads our creative team. He’s focused on the psychology of design and decision-making and been interested in what content and design becomes in a mobile era.



Margot Lowenstein Simmons, Manager, Client Services
In addition to working directly with clients, Margot manages our social media. And, when she’s not at work, she loves getting into a great work of fiction.


Alejandro Torres Viera, Interactive Designer
Alejandro’s passion for motion, interactivity and storytelling drives his design work. Yet, his inspiration comes from sources not related to design.


This list will keep growing as we look for new material that challenges, motivates and fuels our daily work and lives. Check back often to see our latest recommendations.