Idea led. Design forward. Client inspired.

Suka is an idea-led New York City design agency. Since 1992, we’ve partnered with leading clients across industries. By drawing fresh thinking into every project, Suka creates work that inspires. We bring the power of storytelling from our fundraising campaigns to engage with corporate audiences. We use the importance of accountability from our financial services work to enhance social impact.

We are design-forward, applying strategic design thinking to create breakthrough work. Suka’s incredibly talented team, lean by design, holds a fundamental belief that addressing audience needs is a powerful way to elevate your brand and hit your business objectives. Each client we take on receives our full attention, and everything we create drives results.

Client-inspired, Suka understands the challenges clients face and has created step-by-step processes that keep each project focused and on track.


We partner with purpose.

We create genuine partnerships with our clients because, quite simply, it’s just a better way to work. True partnership encourages the open exchange of ideas. Not only does this collaboration produce better outcomes, it’s energizing — and makes coming to work fun.

Our integrity comes first.

Client success is everything at Suka. We believe in honest communication and will share our thinking on what’s working and why. And we’re always open to feedback that advances the work.

Our work delivers.

The clarity of Suka’s process and our commitment to collaboration means we focus on getting ideas right. After all, the right idea ensures that powerful design solutions will follow. Our work must deliver on three measurements: It must elevate your brand, surpass business goals, and thoroughly engage and delight your audiences.